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Air Conditioning - Break Downs

If your air conditioning is not keeping you cool or not working at all - book in now! Experienced in the repair of all air conditioning systems, Cold Front Cairns is able to get your system back to temperature quickly and efficiently.

Breakdowns - Don't live with broken bits

With 2 fans, 1 compressor, multiple PC Boards, values and sensors in a standard air conditioning system, it is no surprise that sometimes parts fail. Add geckos, snakes, ants and other wild life to the picture and chances are you have or have had an issue with your air conditioning. Cold Front Cairns is your point of call when something goes wrong, with years of experience we can diagnose and repair your system quickly.

If you have a faulty system book in a time that suits you online now!

Cold Front Cairns Air Con Exploded 2
Cold Front Cairns Air Con Exploded