Air Conditioning - Service

A good service program is the best way of increasing your air conditioners life, efficiency and operation. With a combination of both our Hydro Clean and Basic Servicing, your system will be running efficiently and effectivly for longer.

Hydro Clean

Full air-conditioning chemical clean including - cover, case, filters, coil and fan

Chemically kill and remove mould, bacteria and other airborne parasites

A complementry treatment of our All-Natural anti-bacterial spray

What you get!

Benefits of HYDRO-CLEAN

SAFE and CLEAN- We do not only remove but kill and prevent mould and bacteria growth

Save Money! Your clean air-conditioner will run cooler, quieter and cost less

Fast and Friendly service by a fully licensed professional team.

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Basic Service

As the name suggests a basic service is just that, basic. A basic service is best used as a maintenance between hydro cleans to check no issues have arisen and look at the general operation of the system.


What we look at:

  • Filters - Your filters will be removed and cleaned

  • Drain - If your drain blocks up it can be a costly fix, we will test its operation

  • Condenser - The condenser (outdoor unit) needs to be kept clean to operate efficiently

  • General Operation - Making sure your system is still operating correctly


If you have a spare room that dosen't get used this may be all you need for that room; we will let you know when we come to do your job.