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The Hydro Clean process

A Hydro Clean kills and removes mould, bacteria and airborne parasites. Unlike a basic service all major components of the air-conditioning system are treated and cleaned. Through the process of hanging a bag over the system to catch run off we do not remove your unit from the wall, this means no wear of parts or loss of gas in the cleaning process.

Full air-conditioning chemical clean including - cover, case, filters, coil and fan

Chemically kill and remove mould, bacteria and other airborne parasites

A complementry treatment of our All-Natural anti-bacterial spray

What you get!

Benefits of HYDRO-CLEAN

SAFE and CLEAN- We not only remove but kill and prevent mould and bacteria growth

Save Money! Your clean air-conditioner will run cooler, quieter and cost less

Fast and Friendly service by a fully licensed local team

Steps to a clean Air Conditioner:

Step 1 - Test

The first step in any service is to test the unit operation.  This is the most important step to identify any other issues of faults before cleaning begins. This step sets qualified tradesman apart from cleaning companies.


Step 2 - Isolation

We isolate power to the unit to eliminate any risk of electrocution or damage.


Step 3 - Disassembly

All covers and filters are removed and taken outside to be treated


Step 4 - Setup

A specifically designed bag is hung over the unit to catch all of the water and contaminates to this makes sure there is no damage to surrounds and it's quick and easy to clean up


Step 5 - Treatment

We treat not only the fan but the coil, filters, covers and case of the air conditioning unit with our antibacterial, anti mould chemical cleaner


Step 6 - Clean off

After letting the chemicals kill the mould we use our battery operated pressure washer to clean the unit off. The high pressure unit ensures a good clean with no damage. Depending on how dirty your unit is steps 4-5 will be repeated until the unit meets our standards.


Step 7 - Pack up

The bag will be removed and a full clean up completed


Step 8 - Reassembly & Test

After the full clean the unit is reassembled and operation is tested


Step 9 - Treatment 2

Once your unit is running we will treat it with our all natural antibacterial spray to help prevent the growth of mould and bacteria

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