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Scheduled maintenance is the best way to ensure your equipment will continue to perform when you need it to. Don't risk your stock and equipment - get a regular maintenance schedule in place today.

What does Cold Front Cairns include?
  • Coil inspection / Clean

    • The coil is one of the most important parts of the refrigeration system, if it becomes dirty and blocked it will lower the system efficiency and cooling abilities.

  • Refrigerant Check

    • We check system pressures to make sure the compressor is efficient and the system is not leaking.

  • Leak Check

    • A basic leak check of common leak points (caps, rotor locks, valves) is carried out to keep on top of any potential problems.

  • Electrical Check

    • By removing electrical covers and visually inspecting electrical connections, we can see any obvious hot joints or corrosion.

    • We then carry out a Thermal Imaging inspection to ensure no hidden electrical faults are present.

  • Compressor Check

    • Using a Multimeter, Mega meter and Ammeter - we carry out electrical tests to see if the compressor is in good electrical condition.

  • Temperature Check

    • We will look at the temperature difference across both the indoor and outdoor coils.

    • We also check the calibration of room thermostats and adjust if required.

  • Safety Check

    • All system safeties are tested making sure they will work if required.

  • General Check

    • The general operation of the system and components are checked.

​Once all checks are complete and the system is running as it should be, a detailed condition report will be emailed to you for your records. Any further work required, if not critical, will also be quoted at this time.