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Be it a supermarket rack or a domestic wine fridge Cold Front Cairns has the experience to keep your systems cool. Installation, regular maintenance or break downs, you can depend on us to look after your equipment and products in a timely manner.

What is Refrigeration?

            Refrigeration is not limited to just fridges and freezers, but encompasses a huge range of equipment - including, but not limited to ice makers, chilled water, pool heaters, heat exchangers and the list goes on. While all of this equipment works on the same basic principle, experience is required to be able to diagnose, repair and maintain it.

Freezer Room Fitout
Find out what we include in our scheduled maintance:

How we can help you.

  • With a history of looking after major supermarket refrigeration we are well and truly qualified to look after your freezers, cold rooms, fridges, pool heaters, ice makers and all other areas of refrigeration.

  • With a regular maintenance schedule in place we will keep your system in top condition minimising breakdowns and lost stock.

    • Being qualified in thermography we are using the pinnacle of technology to assess and maintain your systems find out more here:

  • You deal with the owner. Don't get 3 different stories from 2 guys and an office girl, deal with the person fixing and maintaining your system - call the owner direct.

  • Quick and easy service. We will work outside of store hours and are happy to come in on the weekend to ensure you're not going to be left out of pocket from a failure or breakdown.

  • With our experience and network of contacts we will have your system up and running and maintained to give you piece of mind.