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Test & Tag

Under the electrical safety act all businesses must provide regular testing of electrical appliances. This is through the process of Test and Tag where appliances are tested to ensure they are in safe working condition.

What is Test and Tag

Test and Tag is the process of testing portable electronic appliances and Residual Current Devices (RCDs) to ensure they are electrically safe. Once an appliance or RCD has passed successfully, a test tag is applied listing test date, expiry date, license number and a number that is assigned to that item. If it fails the item will be removed from service and tagged out of service for repair.

Cold Front Cairns Test and Tag
Cold Front Cairns Test and Tag

It's the law

It is an OH&S requirement of the Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) to provide a duty of care and a safe work environment for ALL employees and tenants. This includes regular testing of portable electrical appliances and RCDs in accordance with AS/NZS3760. Regular testing periods for different industries can be found below.

Why use Cold Front Cairns?

Cold Front Cairns is an approved and licensed electrical contractor. We can not only test, but repair all portable electronic appliances and RCDs using certified testing equipment.

We test all equipment in accordance with AS/NZS3760 and provide numbered tags for each piece of equipment or RCD. Along with this we provide a digital report that includes an asset register with all test results. A manual log book can also be provided for onsite record keeping.

Cold Front Cairns holds all required licenses and nationally recognized training to carry out Test and Tag, electrical repairs and diagnosis. We also hold a 20 million dollar Public Liability Insurance Policy and are happy to provide equipment certification certificates or any other documentation you require.

Cold Front Cairns Test and Tag
Cold Front Cairns Test and Tag
Cold Front Cairns Test and Tag