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Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is the new standard in electrical testing. With the ability to see temperature - electrical safety is our major focus with thermal imaging but this is by no means all we can do. Checking insulation coverage and mechanical inspections are also achievable with thermal imaging.

What is Thermal Imaging?

               Thermal imaging is defined as the science of acquisition and analysis of thermal information from a non-contact imaging device.

To put it simply a Thermographer is a person that can take thermal images correctly then tune and analyse them to give accurate feed back to the customer. As licenced thermographers Cold Front Cairns is qualified to do this in your home or work place.

Electrical Safety

Seeing a fault before it becomes a failure or a fire can save you thousands of dollars in downtime, repairs and lost stock. A regular electrical safety maintenance plan is your best defence against these costly failures and the best way to keep your workplace safe. Faults in electrical equipment directly coincide with high electrical costs.

Hot joints, bad connections, overload, failed components and unsafe installations are all faults that can be found with thermal imaging without touching live components, without shutting down equipment and without a risk to personnel. This non-invasive, non-contact testing method is the safest and most accurate available today. Scroll down to see fault ratings.



cold front cairns thermal imaging
Cold Front Cairns Thermal Imaging
Cold Front Cairns thermail imaging

Insulation Efficiency

Insulation in the home can greatly decrease the energy bill for heating or cooling but with only a few mislaid insulation batts your efficiency will drop dramatically! Without climbing in the roof and inspecting each piece of insulation, we are able to pin point problem areas where you are losing efficiency and it is costing you money.

If you are buying a new home we can inspect the insulation to ensure it is providing a good barrier against heat and that the installers have correctly installed insulation in your whole house. Scroll down to see fault ratings.

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Mechanical Inspections

Mechanical Inspections cover a huge range of equipment from motors, conveyer belts, air conditioning, fans and pumps to pipe blockages and bearings. Being able to see issues from failed bearings, seized conveyor rollers, air conditioning inefficiencies to blocked pipes and sediment in tanks - we can give you indications of problems in most industries and areas.

By completing a base line assessment we are able to compare images to map the progress of faults and pick up any new faults quickly, ensuring you know the condition of your equipment and can plan maintenance to solve any problems. Scroll down to see fault ratings.

cold front cairns thermal motor
Cold Front Cairns Thermal imaging
cold front cairns motor thermal


Cold Front Cairns prides itself on providing a service tailored to all our clients, taking time to write reports with as much information as possible. All faults found are rated on a 1-5 scale detailed in the link below. Ratings are used as a guideline of when action is required on faults found and are a core part of our reporting process. Along with detailed photos, information, fault location, time and date allow you to make the best decision on future maintenance and repairs. 

We will also go one step further and provide monthly follow up services at a reduced rate to track faults and ensure nothing progresses too quickly before the next scheduled inspection.

Find our Fualt Prority Ratings here